Many questions are asked about exporting cars from the Netherlands. This can be very interesting for you.
We don’t give any discounts for exporting but sometimes you can ask for a tax refund for BPM. Use this form to get your refund directly from the tax office.

You can ask a Dutch individual or company to register the car in their name first at the local post office. In this case they are responsible for export.

You can also export the car directly yourself. Just go to the RDW office in Zoetermeer and ask them for the ‘Vrijwaarding” we need this together with the payment to give you your car.

Europaweg 205
2711 ER Zoetermeer

Before you go to the RDW you will need an original kentekencard to register the car abroad. We can arrange this free of charge at the RDW. Please take some process time in consideration. This can only be done before exportregistration.  So don’t forget to ask us.

At the RDW you can choose to transport via a transporting company or by road.

If you choose the transporting company you can ask them after we have the full payment and ‘vrijwaarding’ from the RDW to pick up the car at

Autobedrijf Lijn E
Weg en Bos 80
2661 GZ Bergschenhoek.

If you choose transportion by road we can arrange a ‘Groene kaart’ insurance and offical licence plates for 100 euros. Please ask us beforehand to order the plates at a licensed manufacturer.

Please ask the countries where you want to drive if they accept this plate.

Autobedrijf Lijn E